Blog-Famous Overnight?

Well, not exactly, but it sure felt like that yesterday. I was in the supermarket and the cashier hadn’t deducted the 50 percent discount on the big flask of detergent I had just bought. I went to see the assistant manager. The first thing she said: “I know you, I recognise you!”. I had published my very first post on this blog the day before. Could it be that she … ? Blog-famous? Overnight? Of course it wasn’t from the blog post that she recognised me. Bummer. 🙁  The only thing viral at that moment was my own brain and nobody seemed to notice. As it turned out she must have seen me in the larger supermarket in town where I go shopping occasionally. I got my 50 percent discount back.


Then we rolled into a conversation. I told her that I like the organic chicken breast I buy there. She chimed in. She told me she was Flemish and that when she wanted to prepare a Flemish beef stew – with beer and onions – only beef from grass-fed cows would give the right taste and texture. She went on to tell me what else she put in the beef stew. I enjoyed talking with her. We had reached common ground. I asked her why the chicken legs weren’t from organically fed chicken too. I said that I believe that the meat from so-called free-range chicken is a case of misleading consumers on purpose. She agreed. She checked her computer. No, the smaller supermarkets did not have the chicken legs from organically fed chicken in the assortiment. However she would ask HQ to add it for this supermarket. She will also create a standing order, especially for me.


So, what has this to do with learning experiences, the subject of this blog for the time being? How about self-confidence? Having published my first post gave my self-confidence a tremendous boost. Not that I’m that shy normally, but my new self-confidence did something in my conversation with the assistant manager in the supermarket. She wanted to do something for me.


As for my first post: Thank you, dear readers, for your comments, both on the blog and via other means. That was beyond my wildest expectations. The demo worked. For whom? For me. I demoed to myself that I can do this and I enjoyed doing it.


For now that is what matters. No, not so much the technical stuff, although I have lots to learn there. I’m talking about the writing itself. The mysterious process of letting go, of allowing a story unfold itself. Now make it a daily habit, a daily demo. No stress, enjoy doing it. No strict commitment either. Skipping a day occasionally is ok, for me, for now. It is about the principles, the purpose, the action, not about any strict rules.

PS  One day of Blog-Fame and already bragging? Leave it here for now and then take it off. Duhhh.

PPS  Dear reader, do you think that anyone out there might like to read about how I did in school, especially during knitting class? If so, please leave your comment below. I might even include a picture …




“Stop, Drop and Roll!”

That’s what my friend Joe said to me, when I called him Saturday: “Stop, drop and roll!” I was trying to follow the checklist I had been given to set up a blog and then I suddenly had to set up an auto-responder and other things first. I was overwhelmed, frustrated and angry with myself. Children put stuff on the internet as soon as they can walk. By the age of twelve they are an internet entrepreneur. It can’t be that difficult. Why can’t I just sit down, follow the instructions and get it done?


So when I called my IT-savvy friend, I expected him to help me with the technical issues. He sensed what was going on. Instead of speaking in abbreviations he said: “Stop, drop and roll!”, the drill he was taught as a kid in school in Canada – in case your body catches fire.


Did my friend help me? Yes, he did. He understood. There wasn’t a technical issue. Most was in my mind – my mind was on fire, hence the “Stop, drop and roll!” – and it wasn’t about the technical stuff either. I finally had to address a big issue for me: to write. What do I write about? My friend helped me to step back and think. Instead of worrying where to look for a subject, I suddenly could let go. Ideas kept coming. I still haven’t decided what this blog will be about, but I will start with something that I’m interested in: learning new things. After all who’s gonna read this? A few friends, maybe. Most of my friends I won’t tell what I’m doin’, at least not for a while. Practice a bit first.


I want to write something about Elske DeWall, a Dutch singer-songwriter from a nearby village. I heard her play last week. She sang a lovely song: “Chasing the Impossible”. She told the story of how she got to write that song. In the mean time I have to find out how to get moving image and sound in my blog post. Having working links would probably help too. Duhh.


Question to you, dear reader: I intend to write about experiences with learning, of overcoming obstacles, fear, funny stories, weird stories, success stories. Would you like to share what happened to you here? React to this post? You don’t need to do that now. Just come back here in a few days and let me know what you think, ok?